Laughter reminds us to breathe, and these funny people prove it. Learn how their completely absurdist, childish, ironic outlooks help them work through loss and regrets.... More »


Over mint tea in a Moroccan restaurant, we come together to hash out death and dying from every angle in ways we just can't (yet) with family, friends or colleagues.... More »

Gifts for College Kids

Storytelling Photo Gifts for College Kids College kids are still little kids who love when you’re paying attention.  When I do custom storytelling photomontages for

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Gift Certificate to print out

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

What could be a more meaningful mother’s day gift than custom collage art made of Mom’s sweetest memories, history and longest held wish? What other

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Samantha L dreamscape by artist Nancy Gershman

What is a Celebration Dreamscape?

Bringing your memories to life. Celebration Dreamscapes are custom-created “pictures” that tell fabulous stories – some true, some exaggerated and some completely confabulated. The fabulous storytelling begins

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