Bringing your memories to life.

Celebration Dreamscapes are custom-created “pictures” that tell fabulous stories – some true, some exaggerated and some completely confabulated. The fabulous storytelling begins with a unique process I have for teasing out the most precious details from your memories and stories. Even when there are no perfect photos or no photos at all, I can work miracles.

In our first conversation, I lead you quickly to the anecdotes, lore and flights of fantasy that will become the foundation of your Celebration Dreamscape. Tell me about the special people, pets, landscapes, belongings, inventions and happenings that made your life colorful and worth living, and I’ll meld them into a single photomontage that brings all these memories to life.

Celebratory Dreamscapes thrill my clients because every image comes from an important detail they’ve shared with me, whether it’s a photo, a memory or a story. Tell me about a life, a love or an adventure, and I capture these details magically in your fine art Celebration Dreamscape.

Jenniesther's OJ Parade by Digital Artist Nancy GershmanCelebration Dreamscapes run the gamut. It’s coulda-shoulda thinking – but with a positive spin!  Want to create a make-believe parade to roast a sibling? Send your best friends on a honeymoon to Fiji?   Create reunions where everyone’s smiling?  Tell tall-tales about your world travels?  Make photo “fabric” from “mushroom” studies?

As your private mythologist, I’ll take your photographs and back stories and meld them into one incredible picture —  a custom-created digital photo collage you can display framed or as photo gifts to wear, display or mail as greeting cards or thank you notes.  Then it’s your turn to take this meaningful, highly personal piece of artwork and put it in the most private of places – or use it as a conversation starter.

Chad's "I Love You" Custom Photo Collage

Because you don’t “accessorize” your décor with a Dreamscape. You bring it home to bring your memories to life … to  use every day to replenish, restore, and remember what’s most important in life: L – O – V – E.