Storytelling Gifts to Wear, Mail and Display

Think beyond framing.  Your digital photo collage can be transferred to fabric (as photo purses or photo blankets); cardstock (as greeting cards or thank you notes), or plastic (as 3-D photo sculptures).

Home Decor: Legacy Pieces

Remember Me coffee table book

Imagine taking your custom photo collage to the next level as a featured image on a “Remember Me” coffee table book about your life.




Wearable Art: Photo purses

What a great way to show off your photomontage — wearing a photo purse imprinted with your beautiful artwork.   Because your photo is embedded into the fibers of the material, the result is a high quality image which won’t fade, peel or rub off and will last for decades. They have a whole line of handmade accessories in leather and wedding satin that are complete head-turners (from messenger bags and iPhone cases, to ties and playing cards).


Thank You Notes and Greeting Cards

Judith W's Holiday Photomontage Card by digital artist Nancy GershmanImagine – as a token of thanks or as a sympathy note – sending a highly personal piece of artwork composed from your photos.  What a generous way to acknowledge simple human kindness.  And in terms of holiday cards, Dreamscape cards definitely knock those studio portrait cards right off the mantle piece!


3-D Photo Sculptures by Photocutouts

Hang them. Or stand them. My good friend Al Stewart at Photocutouts takes the image file of your photomontage and turns it into an elegant, 3-D photosculpture. Al prints it on a dye-sublimation printer, a technique that not only produces the highest image quality, but also protects the print with a heat-applied clear coat, making it water-resistant and protecting it from UV light damage.  They’re dramatic little sculptures, mounted on 3/16″ thick acrylic. Since there are two costs involved: one for the photomontage (paid to Art For Your Sake) and one for the greeting card (paid to Photocutouts), here’s what you do:

  • Shop first. Place an order for a photo cutout or POPout (where the subjects are “popped” out from the background) on  This gives me a template size for your artwork, and also provides me with an order number.
  • Next, go to my Order Now! page to purchase your photomontage. After your photomontage is finalized, upload the image file of your artwork to, along with your order number.