Violet Snow is a freelance journalist who frequently writes about history, nature, and spirituality. Her latest research project begins with her great great grandfather’s Civil War diary.  See Violet’s blog, newsofmyancestors.wordpress.com.
Providing a nice sampling of art therapy and prescriptive art today, Snow introduces us to the philosophies and techniques of:

  • art therapist, Diane Quiroga – who works with children and developmentally disabled or mentally ill people who are unable to articulate their feelings
  • prescriptive artist, Nancy Gershman – who collects stories and photos from the bereaved, the addicted and the estranged to create their preferred stories in a photomontage
  • Alain de Botton and John Armstrong – who make a case for art, architecture and design as therapy
  • art therapist, Emily MacArthur – who works therapeutically with the elderly
  • portrait photographer, Carl Studna who uses portraiture as a vehicle for self-awareness


Download the article here  https://www.artforyoursake.com/pressroom/Energytimes_PictureofHealth_0314.pdf