Traveling Exhibit: NYU Langone Medical Center

Sept. 18, 2012

An opening night virtual tour through the exhibit “For The Brides of Ed: An Integrated Approach To Treating Eating Disorders (Art Therapy | EMDR | Prescriptive Art) at NYU Langone Medical Center’s MSB Gallery. The show details memory artist, Nancy Gershman’s collaboration with art psychotherapist Lauren Lazar Stern, MA ATR-BC, LPC.  Stern pioneered an integrated approach of art therapy, EMDR and prescriptive art for healing memory in eating disorder patients to obliterate ED, arrest triggers and prevent relapse. The “Ed” in the title refers to how only one thing takes precedence over boyfriends, husbands, jobs, friends, hobbies and studies of the girls/women featured in the show – and that is their primary relationship with “Ed” (their eating disorder).

Viewers will see a total of (8) prescriptive photomontages co-created with Stern’s patients shortly after (or nearly after) completion of therapy, depicting their positive self-belief story, fashioned from their own photos, early memories and therapeutic epiphanies.

[Note: The exhibit was later hosted by University of Rochester Medical Center and the University of Chicago Medical Center.]