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This send-off gift from good Chicago neighbors to their friends relocating back to New Jersey was inspired by a bubble bath. JoAnn called me to quick come over and take a look at all the little kids in her bathtub! Working from this adorable photo, I fleshed out the idea further, which would become a keepsake of the family's happy days living in Chicago. In this custom photomontage Dreamscape, I combine all of the following images: 
  • a jet cavorting during the Chicago Air and Water show
  • an egg-shaped spaceship fashioned out of a museum display 
  • soap suds (on the dog's tail, in the shape of Mickie Mouse ears and on the older sister's hairdo with the Chicago skyline peeking through) 
  • bowling pins and 
  • a logo from Lakeview's WOOGMS parade 
JoAnn describes her reaction to the photo collage artwork this way: 

"It had a whimsical feel; a feel of Chicago. It combined real and imagined memories. It was as much a memory of you as it was of us."