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Tracey and Jon had a shotgun wedding but not the kind you're think of; that is, a wedding where male relatives lean on shotguns in front of a barn. Peeling away the hillbilly stuff wasn't the hardest part. What required  delicate handling turned out to be logistical: the happy couple was announcing this second marriage to family and friends only after the fact.

To solve this conundrum, I placed a Las Vegas drive-thru wedding chapel at the end of the Yellow Brick Road (a tip of the hat to Kansas where the wedding took place). I also generously sprinkled musical notes in the forest and below the lyrics of Tracey and Jon's special wedding song because the newlyweds work together for a DJ/entertainment company. Tracey's reaction to her wedding photomontage?

"I LOVE this!  So does Jon.  I think it's just perfect.  I can't wait to send them out. I am so happy with this - I think it's exactly what I wanted. How did you know when I didn't???"