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[Annie, 16 years old and an accomplished equestrian, died in a fatal car accident]

Animals were also a big party of Annie's life.  "Marchewka," Annie's pony, means "carrots" in Polish. He died tragically, like Annie.  Her chichuahua, Pogo, was around her 24-7, always sitting in her lap. In Annie's Dreamscape, I move Pogo from Annie's shoulder (seen in the original photo) to Marchewka's back. For the final flourish - to match the energy in Annie's dancing hair - I bring in a new swishing tail for Marchewka (unlike the more lifeless tail being braided by Annie in the original photograph). 

The tulip with the rainbow sprouting from the bathroom floor in Annie's Dreamscape has special meaning for the family. Annie's favorite flowers were white tulips. Her mom Lorry explains:

"Weeks after Annie's funeral - our whole family came back to the house on a Monday. It was a sunny day and there it was: a rainbow in a perfectly blue sky. Annie's step-father took out his camera and got a perfect shot of the rainbow on the white tulips there on their kitchen counter." 

There were other "white tulip" stories as well. The previous summer Annie visited her brother Chris in New York, City, and she had decided to run through the meridian on Park Avenue, that's filled with planted flowers. Chris remembers shouting, "We're going to be arrested! After she died, Chris was once again walking down Park Avenue when he saw Annie in the tulips, waving. 

Another story Annie's mother shared with me took place in NYC, when Annie insisted that she and Chris go dancing at the club CBGB, famous for its bathrooms with no doors. "Come on Chris," Annie said. "Let's dance." Chris had answered, "Annie, no one's out there dancing." "Well, I can!" and she proceeded to dance by herself. Chris ran out to join her. The reflection of Chris in the Dreamscape's only bathroom mirror is an homage to a brother who Annie treasured for every minute they spent together in the Big Apple.