Total images: 11 (including blackboard text)

Dave Hitchens, a reknowned professor, is dying. For her own personal healing, wife Joan begins a legacy book to introduce a scholarship in Dave's name. Yet his personal storybook is missing the crucial visual piece which will convey the diversity of Dave's life- his career, music, family and history. 
Dave's interest in his Dreamscape is "filling in the background stuff, like weighing in where his guitar should be placed and responding to the final pieces," while Joan has difficulty "letting go" so that Dave's legacy can belong to the world. Over time, Joan sees that "We are more than the sum of our parts. Dave's storyscape is informed partly by the legacy portion and partly by his reputation as Teacherman."
Especially pleasing is the strong imagery of the Washington forest, and blackboard with students (Joan and daughter actually modeled for this shot), now carrying off a poignant quote of Dave's grandmother: "Where does that boy get those ideas?"