Two pairs of inseparable sisters go on a family vacation to England. At first there seems to be an insurmountable number of location shots. But once I see that Stonehenge creates the grandest of backgrounds it’s just a matter of playing with scale. From the RV balanced atop a Stonehenge rock, to the girls piled into the Grinch’s Volkswagen at Universal Studios (seemingly on a street intersecting with Abbey Road), each essential piece of imagery is made to organically combine with another.

In the words of Jenny’s mom who commissioned this digital photo collage for her daughter’s friend’s batmitzvah:

 “I loved the girls in their pajamas, forming the clouds in our surreal blue sky. The Koffs have a great sense of humor, appreciate the wacky and unexpected.. That’s why we wanted a Dreamscape that would capture and eternalize our families’ special vacation moments, many of which have become the subject of legend and private jokes.”