The Spaniel photo purse took shape when I decided to combine two of Oprah's greatest passions - Solomon, her black Cocker Spaniel and books - combining these images in an epic way. For quirky props, a 38-year old accent home furnishings company called Sarreid contributed two novelty pieces of furniture made from books bound in fine leather. (All the embossing and gold leafing by Sarreid is done by hand to make them look worn, used and loved.)

The brilliant dog photographers Paulette Braun and Judith E. Strom contributed great shots of spaniels. For the backdrop, I chose a brilliant Vermont sky, but in the original picture, a hang-glider dominates the center of the piece. Using a panting spaniel astride a book, I was able to successfully mask the hang-glider.  

Also, out of a blurry flower in the foreground of the original photo, I was able to make Oprah's famous "O" logo bloom out of its red haze.