Rick’s early years were all spent at his family’s hotel in Hollywood Florida, but the only tangible keepsake left was a two-sided postcard. I took the logo and made it into a cloud, like an apparition. The hotel was also where he met Fran, playing ping pong. I cut out the cute couple from one of their earliest vacation photos taken in Jamaica and had them “sit” on Rick’s beloved MG. Fran’s love of ping pong, stuffed animals, and Yellow Tails is all photomontaged together in Rick’s birthday gift– even the heart which they made out of seaweed behind The Attache Hotel!  Here Fran recounts how Rick reacted to his photo gift:

“We had a surprise party for him. Kids got up to speak. He saw it, but you know, he didn’t see it. Only after everybody went home and he sat down and looked at the details, did he start to realize what everything was. He’s not emotional at all, but this – he was really touched by it. First the picture of us. Then The Attaché – the motel where he was living from 8 years old until we got married. And his MG. It brought back a lot of good memories.
The 8″x 10″ hangs in his office and the 16″ x 20″ hangs in our family room.”