Vitaly and Nitro-glycerin by legacy artist Nancy Gershman

The Memory Artist as Storyteller

When you commission a Dreamscape, these are not simply photos stitched together by a special effects software program. They are stories expertly stitched together from your memories

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"Remember Me, Vitaly" personal history by Nancy Gershman + book wrap

Remember Me Books

A vivid accounting of a life, decade by decade Components of REMEMBER ME personal histories How REMEMBER ME books go above and beyond Process and Pricing of

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Remember Me Heirlooms

Remember Me Personal Histories Remember Me Books demo page Remember Me Photo Albums Remember Me Personal Histories Who was your loved one, really? Or when you’re gone, how will

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Refer-and-Earn $$

Affiliate Partners are long-time friends, clients, colleagues and family, just like you, who earn 20% for every qualified lead they bring me. They love taking

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