Affiliate Partners are long-time friends, clients, colleagues and family, just like you, who earn 20% for every qualified lead they bring me. They love taking their friends shopping and suggesting gift ideas. They enjoy showing off their own Dreamscapes, Remember Me personal histories and Photo Albums and hearing the inevitable, “Wow, could your memory artist make me one?” My Affiliate Partner program is simple:

CHOICE A: Earn a little something for yourself doing something you love to do anyway: helping others fulfill their intentions.

CHOICE B: Bring in a client and you can direct 20% of the purchase price to an organization of your choosing, like your church or synagogue, or a non-for-profit.

To start earning a 20% commission on every Celebration, Legacy or Healing Dreamscape you bring Art For Your Sake, sign up today to become an Affiliate Partner. Who better than you knows the process and value of my work in the moment … and over time?

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