Your Life History as a Luxe Art Book

"So alive." That's how Remember Me Books feel. For every decade of a subject's life, memory artist Nancy Gershman reimagines a favorite memory so you can sit with it, intimately, poring over every detail while reading the first person narrative on the facing page for the backstory. At eleven stories in 36 pages, it's the perfect size to get to know someone in a deep, meaningful way.

Custom work by memory artist, Nancy Gershman includes:

- Illuminating interviews, tightly edited with pull-out quotes
- Fine art digital photomontages made from your photos and memories
- Family Tree illustrative spread with photos and captions
- Guest Book sign-in pages for generations of readers
- Packaged as a 12 x 9, 36-pp art book for your coffee table


LISTEN to a surprising fact about this photomontage

Read an excerpt:

In 1960, when Vitaly was 43, there was a faint possibility that you could sign up with great difficulty for a cruise along the Danube River, and the almost unthinkable: a day in capitalist Vienna. The tour was expensive, but that was not the main difficulty - the party committee had to approve your participation. And, of course, your family had to stay behind as hostages. The first time he applied, he was turned down. But the second time, in 1961, miraculously, he was approved. He was told to acquire a black suit for the Vienna Opera, custom made for him since there were no black suits in stores. He put all his savings into this trip.


A family tree for all sides of the family, including digitally restored and enhanced photographs, brief descriptors and dates of birth and death.




commemorative book

LISTEN to Nancy on how she gets her stories

The idea is to retell our story in visualized parables. Like on any good odyssey, life lessons come alive in these stories because they contain both the highs and lows from the subject's personal history. For isn't it a fact that we learn as much from our struggles as from our successes?

In our first consultation (in person, by phone or by Skype), we’ll go over all relevant materials and talk about whether your vision is to organize the interviews chronologically by decade, or by themes. Anything at all can be included in a REMEMBER ME Dreamscape, so long as it is photograph-able or scan-able. Most importantly, I personally will conduct interviews with friends, family and colleagues to capture memorable soundbites that would never surface unless a trained memory artist popped her question.

Pricing depends on the number of interviews to be conducted, transcribed and edited (for the oral history portion), and the number of digital photomontages (the Dreamscapes) created for those sections.

Upon completion, not only are you the proud owners of a Remember Me coffee table book, but you also becomes owners of the original artwork (the Dreamscapes) in the form of hi resolution digital files that can be enlarged for framing, or uploaded to sites that specialize in photo gifts to wear or display.

REMEMBER ME book specs

Specifications for a 36-page book are as follows:

• 12 x 9- in. book in landscape orientation with sewn binding
• a full color, glossy laminate image wrap on the front and back cover
• choice of solid or patterned end papers
• 120# text weight satin-coated pages
• up to eleven (11) digital photomontages
• up to eleven (11) 2-hour interviews (recorded, transcribed and edited)
• Family Tree and/or Milestones/Historical events in a Timeline
• Guest Book sign-in pages
• Black leather slip case or paper book wrap with button and string closure
• Additional copies available in hard or soft cover