GUEST | To Grieve Podcast

November 9, 2018

Joanne Zerdy of Inviting Abundance
Joanne Zerdy of Inviting Abundance, interviews Nancy Gershman and her fellow bereavement artists from

Asheville, NC.  This episode features 4 of the nearly 40 artists featured on  The website acts as a free directory of creatives from across the United States who create unique, heart-full pieces to honor a loved one who has died.  In addition to works of art, the artists and artisans of Bereavement Artists also produce jewelry, urns, teddy bears, portraits, and home decor using the photos, belongings and even cremains of loved ones, be they people or pets.

In this podcast, Joanne Zerdy speaks to two of the three original co-founders of the website, artists Gina Klawitter and Teresa Dunwell, as well as current administrator and memory artist Nancy Gershman and fellow artist Sybil Sage.





“Reality is always a construction, too… it’s an individual perspective.”

– Joanne Zerdy, PhD