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Celebration Testimonials

Rita Z's fantasy keepsake photo purse by digital artist Nancy Gershman

 Roy ZMother’s Day Parisian fantasy keepsake  

“When Nancy completed a previous “Dreamscape” for me, I was ecstatic and thought there is no way of her ever equaling her beautiful artistic accomplishments with another montage for me. Well, I was wrong, and I’m delighted to tell you, she did it again; her stunning ability to bring families together in a creative and imaginary way is beyond belief.

Nancy incorporates and weaves your various sacred memories into one photograph with a centralized theme. It’s unbelievable. The most astute person will look at her creation multiple times -over and over again – with amazement. I discovered the perfect gift for my loved ones. You will be enchanted with Nancy’s sincere devotion and talent as she strives for perfection in creating your customized montage. Your fantasies expressed in a “Dreamscape” will give a genuine feeling of reality.  Nancy will not say ‘JOB COMPLETED‘ until you’re 110% satisfied.”

Gallery backstory about Tracey & Jon's wedding invitation photomontage by artist Nancy Gershman

 Tracey P, digital photo collage wedding announcement

“I LOVE this!  So does Jon.  I think it’s just perfect.  I can’t wait to send them out. I am so happy with this – I think it’s exactly what I wanted… How did you know when I didn’t???”



Gallery backstory about Linda M travel keepsake by digital artist Nancy Gershman
Linda Mdigital photo collage keepsake for her cruisemates

“Jerry and I both LOVE it!!!!!  Jeff and Penny went ballistic; they absolutely loved the gift!!  We were so happy that they seemed to really love the collage and appreciate the time that went into it. Penny looks great with her Cabo head — much better than with sunglasses on. You’re right; it fits like a glove.  I like that the hotel sign is subtle and I like the fact than I’m pedaling towards it.  You are a genius. What a wonderful way to have a remembrance of our trip. Good work, Nancy. Thank you for being the perfect artist who just happened to make the perfect gift!”

Gallery backstory about Paul B's Sweet 16 photo gift by digital artist Nancy Gershman

 Mary Kay PSweet 16 digital photo collage for her grandson Paul 

“Dear Nancy, I just want you to know that I am loving this process with you. Thanks for your indulging me. I feel so nostalgic as I remember the wonderful process that you and I have shared in creating for Paul a tribute to their immeasurable significance and value in our lives for the last 16 years. I feel so grateful and honored to have been the beneficiary of your gifts of intuition, sensitivity, creativity and artistry as well as your personal warmth.  This had been a cherished gift to me. Thank you.”

Gallery backstory about Crystal E's Mother's Day photo gift by digital artist Nancy Gershman

 Crystal E, Mother’s Day digital photo collage of her daughter

“I just wanted to let you know my Mom loved her picture; the one with the castle. Everyone kept asking who made it and where I got it done.  Thank you for putting a smile on my Mom’s face.”


Steve D's anniversary photomontage by digital artist Nancy Gershman

Steve D, soulmate digital photo collage for a first anniversary

“It’s fantastic 🙂  But I think you know that, don’t you?  We absolutely love it!  I love the way you took the puppy picture of Solo and had him biting Jess’s dress 🙂  It really is like you said, there’s so many little hidden nuggets that all have meaning to us!  It’s beautiful… Thank you so much.  I really didn’t think you’d be able to complete it that quickly!  It was quite a treat and a surprise :)”

Susan S's skiing keepsake photo gift by digital artist Nancy Gershman

Susan S, digital photo collage family portrait

“Alvin much enjoyed the Dreamscape.  I will put it up this weekend and it will become part of our family lore.”


Gallery backstory about Hana & Steve wedding keepsake photo gift

Hana S, wedding day-of-the-event digital photo collage 

“My wedding was really about me and my husband, and that even though we’ve got parents who are usually over-involved in our lives, for that one day they receded into the background.  What amazed me about the collage was that even though I never expressed this to you when I gave you the photos, I think that the collage really captures that feeling – the way our parents are small and black and white, while Steven and I are full of color and whirling around the inn where we got married.”

Winnie W handbound poetry book with photomontage by digital artist Nancy Gershman

  Nina B, poetry book with digital photo collage portrait

“THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!   I AM THRILLED…it’s absolutely lovely!!!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!!!! Yes, it is a winner.”


Gallery backstory about Melissa F's bat mitzvah photomontage

  Elyse F, Bat-mitzvah portrait digital photo collage for daughter  

“WOW!!!  It is fantabulous! Bruce, my husband and Melissa’s dad thought it was amazing. His eyes lit up and he was so shocked. He had no idea we were even doing this. He knew you existed but did not understand what it was you were doing. He travels so much that he is often “out of the loop”. So he was a good judge since he had no part in doing the collage. We have close to 100 people for the Hanukkah Party Sunday. Marsha can’t wait to see it. Thanks so very much for all of your time and effort. It is really quite special.”

Marion J's family reunion photomontage by digital artist Nancy Gershman

Marion S, family reunion digital photo collage

“I told you the collage was a work of genius. It always helps when you know what you’re doing. We love the picture — what a great memento of the day, capturing lots of people and emotions!  Not only did you fit everyone in, you made them all look good, too. Very impressive! Thanks again for saving our party for posterity.”

Melissa C's keepsake portrait by digital artist Nancy Gershman

Susan C, digital photo collage portrait of her daughter  

“Melissa’s dreamscape makes me think about friendship and genuine innocence. Melissa and Allyson were both about 5 years old in that picture and it’s still timeless because today the girls are back together again as friends in high school. It sits on my dining room on my breakfront, and it’s as if it dropped out of the sky like a passing thought, capturing everything at that point in her life – all the wonderful things and all the potential. You took that 4×6 photo and put it into another context … the “What Will It Be”…”

Gallery backstory about the Yaeger family's Chicago keepsake photo gift by digital artist Nancy Gershman

Jo Ann P, keepsake digital photo collage

“We loved the way you put the two girls and the dog in the picture even though they weren’t in the original bubble bath. (You can’t even tell!) It had a whimsical feel; a feel of Chicago; and it combined real and imagined memories. It was as much a memory of you as it was of us.”

Gallery backstory about Kelsi S's graduation gift photo purse by artist Nancy Gershman

Kelsi S, digital photo collage graduation gift for a photo-wristlet

If I wasn’t so busy, and could day dream once in a while… it seems as if the montage you have created is an exact replica of all the things my mind would romanticize – making tangible all the things I love in life: culture, the sibs, and my sugar-booger … in all honesty it’s like your montage is metaphorically filling a hole in me. The bag is even more goosebump-provoking in real life. In other words: I adore it! It is absolutely splendid!!”

Gallery backstory about Lindsay K's wedding keepsake photo wristlet by artist Nancy Gershman

  Lindsay K, photomontage wedding keepsake for a cosmetic bag

“Ok…I love this.  There is no need to do anything more.  This is the one.  I’m so excited to give this to her.  I love the backdrop and the sitting Hershey kisses. Yay!! It is wild and fun and a little silly… I love the couch.  I think it will make a really cute cosmetic bag. My favorite part is how you made it look like Victoria is actually holding on to the paper tag of the kiss. Too cool. Thank you so much!!!  I wanted it to be something she’ll like, but also something that shows how our great and silly our relationship is.”

Sparkle V's Mother's Day photo wristlet by digital artist Nancy Gershman

  Sparkle V, photo-purse digital photo collage for her mother 

“This is fabulous!  I love it. LOOKS GREAT!  My Mother is going to be beside herself.”


Alina E's zoo animal photo purse by digital artist Nancy Gershman

  Polly E,  travel keepsake digital photo collage for her daughter

This thing is nothing short of awesome.  She is going to be so excited.  She’s going to have to know that she can’t lose this one!  I’ll chain it to her when she leaves!  Take care and thanks for your patience and hard work.  It looks as if you really had fun with it!”


Legacy Testimonials

Gallery backstory about Desiree F's legacy dreamscape by artist Nancy Gershman

Desiree F, Valentine’s Day digital photo collage keepsake for her husband

“I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (is that enough feedback? LOL) Thanks Nancy! You made a VERY picky person… VERY VERY Happy! You’re an amazing talent! Walking up the stairs, it’s the first thing you see. Every time I pass it – you know how photos get old? When they get old, they get old like furniture – well, not this one. It’s a whole conglomeration, where he came from, where he comes from now. Where we put [his parents] – in the hills, from out in the beyond. They’re looking, they’re watching. He hysterically cried. He’s very manly, very sensitive, like my Dad. Unusual for an Irishman. That’s why I wanted to make it for him. My sister-in-law was very close to her mother. At first, she sa, that’s sick. It’s going to be so strange. It’s so weird. When she saw it she said: said, I’m blown away. My daughter Maria wanted to know why we were wearing those helmets. She said ten times, Daddy is going to cry. But you know my daughter gets beauty marks; she has 5 of them. My husband used to tell her: “they’re a kiss from an angel.” Now she calls them “kisses from the angels” and she means her grandparents!”

  Karen L, album with digital photo collages for husband’s 60th

“You! You are the best! I love it all and thanks for keeping me in the loop during this fun project. Our children and those friends really loved the album. Especially the cute photomontages and memorabilia you included. And I loved your ideas about the years.  We hung the picture you gave us of one of those photomontages – I had it framed in the same frames that match our “sports wall” and put it up by Bob’s other Yale photos. Everyone who sees that one raves. How did she do that?”  

Mike M's legacy keepsake photo gift by digital artist Nancy GershmanCindy M, birthday digital photo collage for husband’s 50th 

“It’s great!  I REALLY like it a lot.  You did a great job!  I like the arrangement of the little Mikes at the top and of me in the center section. He likes it so much he has it on display in his office for everyone to see.  Thanks for sharing your talent, creativity and imagination.”  – Janet M of Texas


Gallery backstory about Albert Z's Supreme Court fantasy photomontage by artist Nancy Gershman

Albert ZFather’s Day Supreme Court fantasy digital photo collage

“There is an expression; beautiful things come in threes.  I could not agree more. Nancy just completed her third Dreamscape for me.  Mere words can not express my father’s smile upon receiving this gift. It will fill Lake Michigan!  After each montage she completes for me, I get a euphoric feeling of ecstasy and excitement.  I continue to be amazed that she always knows how to “paint” the story that will bring joy to your heart for many years. Nancy is an extremely talented and devoted artistic genius. I will recommend her to anyone that gets the thrill in seeing their loved ones portrayed in either a fantasy or collection of pictures that can be shown and displayed for generations.”


Gwen & Hap's photomontage portrait of granddaughter by artist Nancy Gershman

Polly E, digital photo collage for Grandparents Day

“OK…you ARE psychic.  As I was going to Chicago today I was kicking myself about leaving a main thing out of Gwen & Hap’s picture.  CROQUET!!!!!  Hap built an indoor croquet course in their basement and they play all of the time!  Hap’s favorite hobby is collecting (and selling on ebay) antique toys…especially old lead soldiers and WWII fighter planes.  The plane dropping the rose is a great idea!  They have a standing joke re: the old tune “Roses Are Red, My Love.”

Healing Testimonials

Gallery backstory about Amy C's healing dreamscape by prescriptive artist Nancy Gershman

C.J., anniversary digital photo collage of family and stillborn son

“Oh, Nancy, you do such fabulous work!!!! You are truly an artistic genius. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Yes, C.J.’s pic is a hard picture to do much with b/c there’s so little to work with. I wish I’d had the camera ready to catch Carl’s reaction. I’ve NEVER seen this reaction on his face. He loved it!!!!!! His reaction took place in stages. He first looked at it with surprise- like trying to figure out where the picture was taken. Then, he began laughing so hard. He continued to stare at it and we both became rather emotional as we began talking about it, from where all the pictures came from and how C.J. looked so perfect…. Carl & I both feel as if he’s always looking over us as if he’s our little guardian angel of our family, so in the sky is ideal.  I couldn’t have imagined it going any better. Oh, how can I possibly thank you for making our first anniversary more than perfect! Millions of thanks!”  – Amy C of Georgia

Ruth B's memorial photomontage of her daughter by prescriptive artist Nancy Gershman

Ruth B, memorial photo sculpture of her newborn daughter

“I just thought it was nice, nice to see her in a basket. The only pictures I have of her when she’s alive are when she’s in a hospital bed. The basket and the fact that she’s outdoors makes it kind of a fun picture too. It makes it all look so natural. I loved that it’s a little bit more than a photo – with more substance and thicker so you can hold it. I can hug it to my heart.”

Hektoen International article about Craig S's memorial photomontage portrait by prescriptive artist Nancy Gershman

Craig S, memorial digital photo collage of her nephew

“I think it looks fabulous! I got the biggest chuckle and smile out of it. I absolutely love the flip flops in a heart shape. I’ll pass it in the hall, look up, and it makes me think of Craig. It’s not that you don’t love all those other pictures [in frames], but now you have all these pictures combined. The whole surroundings … all the little nuances like the Marley skirt, they encompass him: Craig as happy go lucky … that go-with-the-flow personality. One thing I’ve noticed though; it’s really not for others enjoyment as much as your own.”

Gallery backstory about Anna S's healing dreamscape by prescriptive artist Nancy Gershman

Loretta D, memorial digital photo collage of her mother

“Oh, my. At the moment I am crying too hard to process my feelings. It¹s amazing, based on what it brought up just now. Let me look more, calm down, and touch what I am feeling. This is surreal, imaginative, expressive, creative, poignant, provocative, tragic and celebratory. That’s what I feel. I like the young/older image, and the women on both sides of the fence. “The Garden of Anna’s Heart”?????  I think seeing the rose petals, the final gift we gave her, is healing…and the small butterfly, sitting on the stool as I once did as a child. Very wonderful. Thank you. Your dreamscape of my mother has given me a place to go to her and experience unexpected emotions that have helped heal my grief and feel her love.”

Gallery backstory about Annie L's healing dreamscape

Liz W, digital photo collage holiday card

“This holiday card became a special, individual and dramatically personal way for my family to capture a moment in its special history. As you know, my older daughter, Annie, was just diagnosed with Scoliosis and was put in a ridiculously unfashionable brace. My younger daughter, Jenna, had just rented her first “real” violin. Our home had just finished being torn down and renovated… in other words: LIFE. You didn’t just “seize this moment” in film, photos, or any typical 2-dimensional souvenir. Your dreamscape re-created the emotions, feel and memory of a special place in our family’s history.The artistic creativity that surrounds the images evokes special loving memories and funny stories each time we look at the work. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your family’s individuality and LIFE with genuine back-story and warmth.”

Gallery backstory about Kerry H's healing dreamscape

Kerry H, memorial photo-purse of her daughter

“Oh, this is lovely! I love the contrast/juxaposition of the primitive art piece being combined with the modern piece! I just love all her chubbers! She adored that Halloween spider that would crawl down from the ceiling when you clapped. I like the way Sarah’s feet touch the flowers and I also love the cloud. There is a wonderful connection in [photomontaging] … Having it and carrying her image around with me is comforting. It’s a physical object that has now become a spiritual connection.”

Gallery backstory about Elizabeth B's healing dreamscape

Elizabeth B, memorial digital photo collage of her veteran husband

“Well, when I first read [what you said about] the [heart-shaped bush], I cried, as I sometimes lose sight of the fact, we were married for such a short time. I lived so much in just 3 years. But despite the fact that it was cut short by a tragic illness, I would never have done much else differently. I got to know what it was to really, truly be loved and to love selflessly for the first time in my whole life. The dragon was actually pretty cool once I saw it. I think Joel’s dragon, as good as it is, would have looked a little cartoony. This dragon, in my mind, reminds of me the great nobility Joel said dragons have. He also used to say he knew he was a very old soul and that Asian dragons were amongst the oldest ones known. As I see the dragon over Arlington, I like to think that perhaps Joel lends himself in service to his goddess as a carrier of warrior souls who have been slain in battle, carrying them up to Heaven, so they will not fall prey to any evil spirits, but reunited with loved ones and heal from the damage of Earth quickly. I know he would be honored to do such service for those who are being killed in Iraq, or other places. It also reminds me of how he wanted to be identified as a warrior, even as he was dying. I know he wanted to die amongst comrades, which he did at Hines VA.  I also like to think the Asian dragon gives me permission to go to the Orient, to continue with my Asian studies, even though he is not of this plane anymore.”

Gallery backstory about Simon S's legacy dreamscape by artist Nancy Gershman

Michael M, memorial digital photo collage of his grandfather  

“Wow! God only knows how you find inspiration and results so rapidly. The backdrop with the papers floating (seemingly up to heaven) is remarkable… My goodness…..it is breathtaking! Thank you so much for your patience and hard work. The picture in the heavens is perfect, plus the shadows underneath the newspapers are such an amazing touch. The picture is now so dreamlike and ethereal….that the idea of them having been together in the physical world, and that they remain together in a spiritual context (with him watching over her) is mind-blowing. “Mom just got it….and she damn near lost her mind…..she cannot stop talking about it. also, I framed the other copy for my office. it is so remarkable… Before she got off the phone, her voice suddenly got very quiet and she said I just want to get into bed and curl up with my picture ….”

Gallery backstory about Anne H's Healing Dreamscape of her father

Anne H, memorial digital photo collage of her father

“Dixie [mother in law] just loved what you did with the collage, particularly the Green Tara. It turns out that our Dix actually received a Green Tara initiation from a Tibetan rimpoche! So she was more than pleased to see the Green Tara as a mask for herself. Also, she fell in love with the image lower left of John, Margaret and Bill and would like to get a copy to frame. Little does she know that the original has all those distracting cars and stadium details.  Thank you so much for your commitment and imagination. Even during our talk, I felt the burden of the past begin to shift as you re-envisioned it for me. It catches a true thing about that period of healing. We believe that my mother, in forgetting much of the interval and anything that happened more than a minute ago, began to remember her youth with happiness again when my father came back into her life. During their last couple of years together, they enjoyed each other’s company. And my mother had great prestige among the other residents because her “young” husband came to visit her. My sibs will love this as I already do.”