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PI Workshop on Prescriptive Memory-Making

2-hr VIRTUAL WORKSHOP | Portland Institute for Loss and Transition (2021)

Portland Institute learners of Dreamscaping

[PI Workshop on Prescriptive Memory-Making   


January 26, 2021

Portland, OR 

SESSION TITLE:  “Liberating Joy from Loss: Prescriptive Memory-Making through Dyadic Creativity”  (Mod. 1: Techniques)

 Three hours total activity—including 2-hour webinar and approximately 1-hour reflection leads towards Certification in Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction or Certification in Art-Assisted Grief Therapy.

Months, even years after the loss of a person, place, pet or thing, do your clients complain about a dwindling support system or joys eclipsed by hopelessness or choice-lessness?  Dreamscaping and prescriptive memory-making— as taught by its developer Nancy Gershman— is a novel technique for identifying unrealized unmet needs by excavating felt-sense memories of positive emotion  and arriving at the memory your client needs.  The pay-off is two fold: memory reconsolidation (the updating of a long term distressing memory,) and the creation of a tangible prescriptive memory (the “dreamscape”) that can be shared with a support network driven away by a problem-focused life.

FACULTY:    Nancy Gershman, LMSW.

Monday, March 22, 2021:  “Techniques Module” for Asia-Pacific time zones | 9-11am, SGT: Singapore, which corresponds to 10am-12pm in Tokyo;  12-2pm in Sydney and Melbourne and on Mar. 21, 2021, 8-10pm in New York.

COURSE PACK provides:

  • Classic Dreamscape Template;
  • Case Anatomies featuring a branching tree of questions posed by the therapist during the imaginal interviewing and brainstorming phases of Dreamscaping; and
  • Response Journal: Rubrics for brief reflective writing that, upon completion, confers credit of 1 Technique Module.

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Nancy Gershman LMSW, is a memory artist and the developer of Dreamscaping, an imaginal and photo-based therapy for working with loss of a person, place or thing,  supported by the way memories get encoded in the brain. An international presenter, Nancy is also a full-time therapist with BHAVA Therapy Group in New York City. Her publications include Prescriptive Memories in Grief and Loss: The Art of Dreamscaping (Routledge, 2019) with Barbara E. Thompson, and case studies in Robert A. Neimeyer’s Techniques of Grief Therapy (Routledge, 2012, 2016). Her Dreamscaping work with end-of-life patients and their families at Visiting Nurse Service of NY was featured on NY1’s “New Yorker of the Week” (2016). Her work with the eating-disordered culminated in the traveling exhibit, “The Brides of Ed” (2013).  Since 2013, she hosts Death Café New York City.