End Of Life
Death-Related Loss
LGBTQ-Related Loss
Prescriptive photomontage for Kit, a bulimic, by prescriptive artist Nancy Gershman
Eating Disorders


Series Editor Foreword Robert A. Neimeyer |  Foreword John R. Jordan    Part I: THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK   1. The First Dreamscape Nancy Gershman   2. Therapies of

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Experience Dreamscaping

Dreamscaping is an exciting new approach in grief and loss therapy that uses imaginal resourcing and a focus on felt sense, re-scripting and mental simulation,

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–  Look inside the Table of Contents and meet Team Dreamscaping:  the illustrious contributors who took Dreamscaping and ran with it

– Read excerpts from Series Editor Robert A. Neimeyer 

– Purchase Prescriptive Memories in Grief and Loss: The Art of Dreamscaping”  (Routledge, 2019)  off Routledge’s website


Experience this imaginal practice through audio/video recordings from live Dreamscaping sessions 

– Read how a tangible dreamscape came into being, in the words of client-creators

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