WINNER | Create Fest’s Soaring Sun Award

Lisa Mitchell, art psychotherapist
“Nancy Gershman gets the Soaring Sun Award this month for her live contribution at Create Fest 2016

The First Annual Online Creativity Festival for Mental Health Professionals

Nancy Gershman is a memory artist at VNSNY Haven Hospice where she creates prescriptive photomontages for the bereaved-to-be.  Her discussion about how to create a dreamscape collage that can transform a sad or distressing memory of a loved one into a positive memory that enhances your life was beautiful. But when she came on live, she blew me away.  She asked participants pointed questions that came from an artist’s intuition.  She held the space for intimate exploration of grief and got excited about the images that could align with healing.  She was grace and beauty in action, and I loved it.” 

–  Lisa Mitchell, MFT, ATR:Art Therapist for Teens and Adults | Author and Educator | Continuing Education Provider for Therapists | Creativity Courses for Therapists