Workshop | Creative Centre PSYforte (Moscow, Russia)

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March 13, 2015

In her workshop, “Constructing a New Memory,” memory artist, Nancy Gershman talked about the discoveries within cognitive neuroscience that now make it possible to overwrite a distressing memory with a new memory we can fashion in our mind. Nancy outlined the interviewing and brainstorming techniques of the Healing Dreamscape Process which she pioneered for end-of-life patients and families struggling with anticipated grief, loss and regrets. The final portion of the workshop was role-playing with select workshop participants suffering from the loss of a beloved friend, relative or pet.

Target audience: psychologists and psychotherapists, social workers and art therapists working in grief and trauma | At the seminar you will learn how to create healing visualizations of a Preferred Story and how to use this visualized narrative to help clients cope with grief and loss | Additional Requirements: All participants must bring a photo of a person (or animal) who died and whose death continues to pain them Capacity: maximum 10 participants  |  Fee: € 2,000 rubles

Contact: Centre Creative PSYforte Director, Olga Perevezentseva at