Speaker | Create Fest Video Summit 2016
The First Online Creativity Festival for Mental Health Professionals

CreateFest Video SummitFebruary 26, 2016

Memory artist Nancy Gershman joins twelve other mental health professionals in Courtney Armstrong’s two day-long Create Fest Video Summit, sharing her out-of-the-box approach to easing grief.

Gershman’s activity is called “Prescribe a Memory”. In this self-directed exercise, she asks: Is the death of a pet or person still impacting you today? Thanks to a new understanding of the emotional brain, it’s now possible to overwrite the distressing memories of a past loss by constructing a vivid new memory (and call to action) that’s all about joy. Guiding you with questions, let’s start with a little writing exercise. A visualization exercise follows, and if you’re on a roll, why not make your new memory even more tangible by drawing or collaging it (totally optional, but make sure you have a scissor, repositionable glue sticks, pens/pencils, and magazines handy). What‘s the takeaway? A powerful Rx for this and any future loss.


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