Remember Me Photo Albums

Bob Levin's handmade Remember Me photo album by artist Nancy Gershman
Bob Levin’s handmade Remember Me photo album by artist Nancy Gershman

“You! You are the best! I love it all and thanks for keeping me in the loop during this fun project. Our children and those friends really loved the album. Especially the cute photomontages and memorabilia you included. And I loved your ideas about the years.  We hung the picture you gave us of one of those photomontages – I had it framed in the same frames that match our “sports wall” and put it up by Bob’s other Yale photos. Everyone who sees that one raves: ‘How did she do that?'” (Karen, Bob Levin’s wife)

Handmade Page Layouts and 3-D Fine Art Photo Collages

Since Remember Me Photo Albums are completely tactile (unlike digitally made albums that have nothing “glued” in), I strongly encourage 3-D photo collages that future generations can trace with their fingertips.

Fine Art Digital Photomontages>

Another must-have for genealogical buffs or sticklers for history is an original fine art digital photomontage. My Legacy Dreamscapes actually combine imagery from multiple photos with memorabilia to create scenes you’ve only heard about in family lore …  scenes for which you currently have no photos, or only poor photos.

Captions, Family Trees and Timelines

Let’s not forget narrative and context, too – two of the most important elements to include. Which captions are essential? Should they be handwritten with a silver pen? What about a family tree or a timeline that lists all the milestones and historical events in chronological order?  These are all of the considerations I’ll talk you through in our first consultation.

Process.  In our first consultation (in person, by phone or by Skype), we’ll go over all relevant materials. Anything at all can be included in a Remember Me Photo Album, so long as it is photograph-able or scan-able. These can include a poem on a napkin, a handwritten sheet of music or drawing, even a toe tag – really anything that was a part of your loved one’s life or death.

Pricing.  Pricing is based on the number of photographs that need to be scanned, digitally corrected/enhanced and then outputted onto photo paper (with or without the edges hand-cut to appear scalloped; the amount of art-direction needed for page layouts and finally, whether captions are handwritten or prepared on the computer. Digital photomontages or “Legacy Dreamscapes”,* Family Trees or Timelines  -if desired – are priced separately.   Albums also priced separately with my favorite vendors listed below:

* Digital files of your Legacy Dreamscape always become your property so that you may use them anyway you wish; a bonus if you plan to frame it as an enlargement, or use the file to create a photo gift to wear or display.



 Reserve my time now to create your Remember Me Photo Album. I’ll happily prepare an estimate for you.


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