When you commission a Dreamscape, these are not simply photos stitched together by a special effects software program. They are stories expertly stitched together from your memories so that they appear as flawless photographs.  The secret to great Legacy Dreamscapes is that they are informed by the questions I ask about watershed moments (both good and bad), and by the backstories of photographs you share with me.

My specialty is storytelling through pictures and narratives. I may create a single Legacy Dreamscape about one event or experience from the past – or an entire Remember Me Book for one person; one couple; one family; or even one family office. Your request – whether it is a reimagining, an embellishment or pure fantasy, will always feel real to you because of the seamless digital work I perform. Afterall, a Dreamscape is a place to time travel to. If that doesn’t excite you, this will:

  • As a curator, I critically select your photographs on the basis of quality, not quantity
  • As a digital artist, I extract and re-contextualize existing photos to create a seamless image that looks like a real photograph. I also search for stand-in images to convey geographical/historical accuracy and will create scenes from scratch
  • As a fine artist, I give special consideration to hierarchies of lighting, scale and skin tone (by studying your genealogy)
  • As a personal historian, I inject irony and humor, symbolism and metaphors into the composition if it helps convey our subject’s humanity or a teachable moment.

Engaging an artist who is so many things may be a brand new experience for you. But regardless of your project with me – Legacy Dreamscape, or Remember Me art book –  fine art standards and good storytelling are given equal weight. I believe they reinforce one another.