Are you everyone’s gift idea guru?

Affiliate Partners are long-time friends, clients, colleagues and family – just like you – who are natural gift idea gurus. They love taking their friends shopping and suggesting gift ideas that truly fit the person. And often, they enjoy showing off their own storytelling Dreamscapes, Remember Me Art Books and Photo Albums so they can hear the inevitable:”Wow, could your artist make me one?”

My Affiliate Partner Program is so simple:

CHOICE A: Earn a little something for yourself doing something you love to do anyway: being the goto Gift Guru for unbelievably thoughtful gifts, or

CHOICE B: Bring in a client and direct 20% of the purchase price to any organization of your choosing – like your place of worship, your favorite museum or some other non-for-profit.

To start earning a 20% commission on every Celebration, Legacy or Healing Dreamscape you recommend, sign up today to become an Affiliate Partner. Who better than you?

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