Hearing healing words … from your own lips

Did you know that before, during and after I make a dreamscape, I transcribe a client’s every word? I do this because I’ve learned that hearing their own words read back to them can be as healing as viewing their dreamscapes. Often when a positive memory is retrieved and described, a sort of internal movie plays in our minds. What frequently happens as a result of our brains performing two activities at once – recalling the memory in words and in pictures – is that few of us remember what we said. And these recollections are absolutely priceless. (Multiple examples can be found in the Gallery section of this website.)

Transcribing your words exactly as I hear them flow out of you is an important part of the dreamscaping process. You would be amazed how often hearing healing words that come from within guides and inspires the concept for many dreamscapes. Other times your healing words can become the foundation for a letter of reconciliation that accompanies your dreamscape. I can think of myriad reasons why you’ll want to savor each and every healing word you utter, privately and with loved ones:

  • To see your early resistance and skepticism
  • To hear the poetry in the depth of your despair
  • To discover how amazingly philosophical or spiritual you are
  • To use in a letter accompanying your healing dreamscape – especially if sent out as a peace-offering to open a conversation
  • To repeat words of wisdom worth sharing with  friends and family

Perhaps the best reason of all to listen to the healing words that tumble out spontaneously in  our conversations together is because yours words are so completely spontaneous. It’s self discovery in its most pure state. Hearing these healing words read back to you by an audience of one – that is, myself –  makes you feel in a sense, pure and heroic.  It is you when you were not the least bit self-conscious. As precious as journaling and writing poetry is, hearing your own healing words read back to you like poetry is a stunning experience you’ll never forget.