Albert Z's Father's Day Chess Photomontage
Albert Z’s Father’s Day Chess Photomontage featuring Grandpa, grandkids and Bobby Fischer

There is a reason I always call the unveiling of your dreamscape the “First Peek.” It’s because taking in a gift of memory is such an emotional moment! Some people laugh through their tears; others try and stay composed.  But it’s almost impossible not to get emotional with custom portrait art made from your photos and memories! So here’s why this happens: you are

  • experiencing an “updated” memory that is being re-enacted in great detail
  • trying to make sense of a new hybrid memory created from different points in time, or
  • seeing a fantasy brought to life from scratch, with brand new, augmented imagery

You see, this gift of memories called a dreamscape is informed by “insider” information I learn from you, the Gift-Giver. That’s why it becomes virtually impossible not to do a double take when you’re the subject of a dreamscape. You will be surrounded by familiar images, yet delightfully flummoxed why you can’t remember “being in that photo.” Compositionally-speaking, dreamscape collage art is made to look completely real, as if someone just took the picture.  Created especially for one person, one couple or one family, your dreamscape’s detail-rich story is also designed to feel as real as the digitally manipulated scene.

It also helps that this gift of memories is put together by a fine artist schooled in meaning-making who:

  1. critically selects your photographs on the basis of quality, not quantity
  2. cuts out and re-juxtaposes elements for both aesthetic and conceptual reasons
  3. gives special consideration to hierarchy by manipulating lighting, scale and skin tone
  4. searches for perfect images that check out for geographical/historical accuracy
  5. injects metaphor, symbolism, humor and irony into the artistic composition,
  6. helps you decide how to frame your artwork, and finally
  7. takes it to the next level: as a card/invitation, or as a photo gift to wear (photo purse, photo blanket), display (photo sculpture, photo trivet, poster, or coffee table book)

Prefer to laugh more than cry? Let’s do it!