Meaningful Father’s Day Gift: A Custom Photomontage

What could be a more meaningful Father’s Day gift than custom photo collage art made of Dad’s or Grandpa’s sweetest memories, longest held wish or outlandish fantasy? What other gift can you give that will have him blinking back tears and crushing you in a papa bear hug? The most meaningful Father’s Day gift you can buy a grandpa or Dad, a godfather or an uncle is right here at your fingertips:


  1. a custom photomontage portrait of your man’s life over many decades, filled with his accomplishments (or practical jokes) … Or maybe a fantasy scene he often jokes about being the star of?  
  2. created from his personal photos, memories – or your family stories
  3. custom-made by a fine artist who specializes in meaning-making whose solo work was shown at The Loyola University Museum of Art (Chicago) and The MSB Gallery (New York City)

Wrap up your storytelling photo collage as a framed print, or have it made into a photo gift for him to show off what a thoughtful gift-giver you are!  Order now!

For Inspiration: Go To My Gallery Pages

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 OJ Parade by Digital Artist Nancy Gershman
A father’s family joke comes to life: two groups of protesters face off


Remember — before my schedule gets full and to guarantee your storytelling photo collage art arrives in time for Father’s Day, reserve my time by placing your order before Friday, June 7, 2013 on my Order Now! page.  Can’t wait to work on this wonderful Father’s Day gift for that special man in your life!

 –  Nancy