Highly personalized photo gifts

Personalized Gift Ideas
Coming of Age, Holidays, Love and Nostalgia

Don’t be surprised if your photo gift heals loss, regrets or even a rift simply by ushering in some joy and laughter in a year filled with highs and lows.Like meaningful dreams, my personalized photo gifts follow their own “Why not?” logic to do a world of good.

This Birthday Dreamscape for a father is a heroic portrait that envisions a lifelong dream to be a sportscaster at the 1955 World Series.

This Wedding Dreamscape (made into a photo blanket) was specially commissioned by a good friend who knew the newlyweds wished they had honeymooned in Fiji.

This Wedding Dreamscape (made into a photo blanket) was specially commissioned by a good friend who knew the newlyweds wished they had honeymooned in Fiji.

This Memorial Dreamscape (made into a photo purse) was a gift a grieving mother gave herself when her “chubster” tragically died at age 2.

In the world of storytelling Dreamscapes, there is only one rule, and that is:  Put in whatever and whomever makes you feel good.   Elements that go into my photomontages are typically the special people, objects and landscapes from your own photographs  – or I can search for unique images that complete the story.  Thanks to the wizardry of digital photo manipulation, custom digital photo collage means instant wishful reality to frame, wear or mail.

Personalized Gift Ideas

  • an inventive combining of your family photos – including travel snapshots, and/or historical and archival photographs
  • epic and fantasy themes made to order
  • a funny, witty roast for a retiring employee or executive
  • a chance to get everyone smiling in a family portrait (pets included!)
  • you and your sweetheart – as children – “seemingly” playing together
  • an abstract pattern made from seamlessly combining your nature or travel photos
  • a picture-perfect composite image of a PR event – for a corporation, not-for-profit or NGO –  to give  the press the best possible impression


Barmitzvah/ Batmitzvah  For 13 years, your son or daughter has been molded by a long line of relatives, family friends, and mentors. On a large poster standing at the entrance, wouldn’t it be fabulous to see every one of these people engaging with your child … even when such photos don’t even exist? I also can make artwork for your bar/bat mitzvah invitations from your photos, like this one for Benny G.

Birthday  For a personalized photo collage birthday gift, I can combine multiple photos into a meaningful photomontage that tells a very personal story. For Dawn who always sewed her nieces’ costumes and baked their cakes and loved merry go rounds, her birthday collage looks like someone just snapped the picture!

Paul B's Sweet 16 Photomontage by digital artist Nancy Gershman

Sweet 16  Issues revolving around their relationship to parents, God, new crushes, coaches and teachers can put a teenager into a tail spin. Yet if you play back back to your adolescent all their achievements and dreams, the burdens of growing up lightens up quite a bit. By far, the best messengers of a custom made Sweet 16 celebration photo collage gift are grandparents, who faithfully record everything that’s wonderful and good in their grandchild’s life.

Graduation  What’s cooler for a new grad than a hip photo-purse starring their pet dog and siblings from back home?  A perfect example of a Dreamscape that’s both for healing and celebration! I can also add special art effects to match the décor of their new apartment – from psychedelic neon to strictly black & white.


Christmas  Instead of a studio shot of the family in matching bow ties, try this. Tell me about your family’s favorite games or obsessions from the past year and I will make you an exquisite family portrait collage  like this one created for a family addicted to Sudoku.

Father’s Day  I can create a picture-perfect relationship between you and Dad and Grand-dad when we throw in a little wishful reality. Don’t have any good photos of the two of you together? Watch me improvise as I make you a Father’s Day photo collage that is both for healing and celebration, from the best photos of each of you. Dad will swear he was there when the picture was taken, but how did Bobby Fischer get there???

Hanukkah  Let’s come up with a noble theme for this year’s Hanukkah card, or just have fun with your year in pictures. Want to make the twins look like they’re hip-hopping in front of Chicago’s Crown Fountain, with the glass screen featuring their sister’s face as we did for Judith’s Hanukkah card?

Mother’s Day  You’ve adored Mom, Mama and Bubby ever since you could pick up a crayon. Now give me the stories that capture the quirky or heroic part of Mom’s character. Here a photo collage portrait features Amy’s favorite candies and a globe adorned with schoolchildren’s drawings (representing her work at a school).


Anniversary  Make your sweetie an artistic anniversary portrait that shows how you love to spend time together. Are you longtime travel companions? Select the best travel photos – including an unforgettable landscape shot from that trip.  If I can’t use your own photograph, I’ll track down a dramatic photo of that same spot.

Valentine’s Day  A poem costs nothing and works wonders. But accompany your poem of healing celebration with a Valentine’s day photomontage, and you’ve got pure poetry. Tell me how you met, courted and cavorted, and I’ll add some funny/mysterious/romantic images to an existing photo that will make them flip for you – all over again.

Wedding   Sometimes we have the dream wedding, but not the dream photographer. Whether it’s surgically removing hillbilly relatives from the background, or adding a child from your first marriage into your second — anything and everything is possible in my custom photo collage wedding portraits, wedding invitations and day-of-the-wedding Dreamscapes.


Reunions  Ever tried to take a group portrait, and the shot’s spoiled because of a fidgety grown-up or a restless pet; an unsmiling person, or somebody who never made it? Have that family reunion,  sports team reunion, college reunion, camp reunion – then let me make it perfect from multiple photos.

Keepsake  Remember the great time you had at your friend’s summer house in the Salt Springs? Or the trip you made to Stonehenge in a Winnebago? Good friends deserve a custom keepsake photo gift to help everybody remember.