Jo's daughter commissioned this work of digital collage art for her parents' anniversary.

The ambiguity of what is happening in this Dreamscape begins with the yoga photograph: is Todd arranging Jo on the mat, or the other way around? Clearly they're enjoying themselves; laughing and so comfortable with each other and in their own bodies. Todd's hands are like characters unto themselves, protective and strong; loving and gentle. To celebrate this eternal youthfulness, I brought out the healthy bronze tones in their complexions, and for Jo, reconstructed her left foot to match the graceful ballet en pointe of her right.  I sharpened and beveled their bodies just slightly, adding shadow so they appear to be melting into the embrace of that Laurel tree from the Carolinas.

To convey the passion Jo and Todd have for travel, I thought of fabric, incorporating the rich colors and textures of Thailand and India into the piece.  By sliding flat patterns underneath each petal and gently shaving the surface until only a sheen appeared from the original illustration, I was able to create a trompe d'oeil effect. Their custom photomontage essentially became an Audubon illustration crossed with 1001 Nights. Examining the sensuous botanical cone in the bottom left hand corner with its funny Shriner tassles, I was reminded of chocolate kisses, a perfect commentary on their love affair.