Lianne S, an adult orphan and recovered alcoholic, is celebrating her graduation from addiction. Her serenity and introspection is profoundly evident as she describes the elements in her prescriptive photomontage. Note how Lianne also hopes that her Dreamscape can positively affect the last remaining family member still slave to his addictions:  

"I see happiness on Dad's face because he sees that Mom's happy now. She's in her favorite place, on the lake at Point Breeze, looking back at me, happy that Aunt Flo and I are happy and laughing. She's with us in spirit, represented by the Xmas garland around Flo's neck. I love that we are all wearing the same sunglasses!  

In the original photo, Mom looks like the cat just ate the mouse. Here she's more meditative, dreamy, like she's finally at home where she is. She didn't love herself. That came from a whole lot of things; I think that was at the core. The dolls are a symbol of mom's childhood before she became sick. Looking at me on Dad's lap, I think Mom liked to dress me up. Not that I had to be perfect like a doll but that she would be taking the time to dress me.  

The montage tells a more complete story of my family's struggle and victory over addiction. I see my brother Ken looking content (the original photo of Ken was taken right after he got sober). My brother Rob is looking down - this is the brother who's still drinking and abusing. Still it's hopeful because there's this feeling of love in the picture and Rob can partake of that whenever he wants to. The bottle with the Cabernet label - that was my wine of choice. 

Why's Thea sticking out her tongue? She had a fur ball in her mouth that she was trying to get out, over and over again."