PANELIST | Power of Personal Imagery Conference (Hofstra University)

Power of Personal Imagery ConferenceApril 14, 2016

Presented by the Creative Arts Therapy Program at Hofstra University School of Health Professions,  The Power of Personal Imagery Conference invites three therapeutic art-makers -the digital artist, Nancy Gershman and the documentary photographers, Ocean Morisset and Ellen Fisher-Turk – for a panel discussion on PhotoTherapy, Photo-Art-Therapy, and Therapeutic Photography.

Panelists will illustrate with case studies their unique applications of photos used in personal healing “for themselves and others” as a way to cope with and survive cancer; process grief (for the bereaved and bereaved-to-be); reconcile LGBTQ individuals with their families and society; and address body-image distortion and low self-esteem in the eating-disordered.  Each will address how photos, photo-taking and photomontage are transformative tools for positive change.

Nancy Gershman at Power of Imagery Conference
Memory artist, Nancy Gershman presenting at The Power of Imagery Conference, Hofstra University’s  Creative Arts Therapy Program
Memory artist, Nancy Gershman presenting the case study: The Clown of Mermaid Avenue
Memory artist, Nancy Gershman presenting a case study from her work at VNSNY/Haven Hospice: “The Clown of Mermaid Avenue”