A discounted rate for your clients – or a photomontage of your own

Since 2004, I have had the privilege of collaborating with a unique group of therapists, social workers, life and grief coaches, as well as clergy  (both spiritual advisors and chaplains) who refer clients to me for meaning-making photomontages. In thanks, I am extending an exclusive financial arrangement with members of this caring community who entrust clients into my care in the form of a refer-a-client program.


Benefits for You and Your Client
Best Clients for a Healing Dreamscape
The Three-Way Introduction

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Benefits for You and Your Client

The program works in two ways. For every one of your clients I can help therapeutically with a Healing Dreamscape photomontage:

  • Your client will be able to commission a Healing Dreamscape at a flat, discounted rate, at a savings of over 20%, or
  • I can set aside 20% of your client’s Healing Dreamscape fee for you to redeem towards a Dreamscape of your own.


The Ideal Candidate for a Healing Dreamscape Photomontage

Indicators that your client might benefit from visualizing a preferred story or positive self-belief story can begin several ways. It could be, for example, someone who intellectualizes and acknowledges next steps but has a difficult time “holding that picture in their mind.”  Maybe it’s a husband or wife, a son or daughter, who want a “picture that opens up a conversation about a subject that is difficult for everybody.”  Perhaps it’s a desire to convey positive attributes of a demonized family member who a select few have no opportunity to witness. There are other client profiles as well:

The new member who adamantly says to the group, “I’m not you.”  Is there a regular attendee of your support group or group therapy sessions who is making painfully slow progress – even by the standards of the group?

The new client who is open to photo reviews but closed to art therapy.” Are you running out of options for a client who says they’re “too emotionally exhausted for creativity.” Maybe instead of evoking, they might be into envisioning?

The client skeptical of how they can hold all the positive lessons of therapy in their mind.  While they have embraced brain processing (such as EMDR or Rapid Resolution Therapy), they are looking for a tangible object to help them practice being the newly liberated people they are … outside the office.


The Three-Way Introduction

To test whether visualizing a preferred story or positive self belief story as a photomontage would be a beneficial creative intervention for your client, I recommend a 3-way phone/Skype call. This way you can chaperone your client and formally pose any questions you or they might have  about the Healing Dreamscape Process  to me directly. If there is agreement all around, I will proceed with a one-on-one collaboration with your client.  As I record and transcribe our conversations from the very beginning of the process, I will share these transcripts with you to show our progress.

I also will read the client’s own words back to them from these transcripts as part of the healing process and provide them with a copy. They truly come to cherish these transcripts because many of my clients never realize that in their darkest hours they are capable of the most beautiful prose and comforting words.

> Read more about the phenomenon of wise word-feedback in client testimony

The feedback I get from the clients themselves is that they can actually see a marked shift in feeling almost immediately after living just a few weeks with their Dreamscape photomontage. This only amplifies over time as they begin sharing their Healing Dreamscape with friends and family. Even if my co-creating a Healing Dreamscape with your client is at the very least an experiment in motivation, or at its very best, a restorative and self-soothing balm — it can be profoundly beneficial. With this Refer-a-Client Program, there is also an added benefit I haven’t even mentioned. By experiencing the process of making your own Healing Dreamscape photomontage, you will become even more in tune with your client when they decide to make a Healing Dreamscape of their own.

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