PRESENTER | ADEC 41st Annual Conference (Atlanta)

April 11, 2019

Atlanta, GA.  Part book launch, part Dreamscaping debut, “Alive and Enlivening: Prescriptive Memories and The Art of Dreamscaping” was presented by Nancy Gershman to ADEC members interested in the notion of constructing new memories to update long term (distressing) memories through a process of  memory reconsolidation in the wake of trauma and loss.  Attendees were grief/loss mental health professionals as well as those in spiritual care who came to learn more about Gershman’s book, “Prescriptive Memories in Grief and Loss: The Art of Dreamscaping” co-authored with Barbara E. Thompson and published by Routledge in January, 2019.  Routledge Series Editor, Bob Neimeyer, dropped in to talk about his own dreamscape, crafted by Gershman and the need for a completely different dreamscape that year, for his sister. To top off the talk, a drawing was held and three winners were announced for the Dreamscaping Giveaway: Claudia Coenen, CT, MTP of Hudson, New York; Roy F. Ellis, CC of Nova Scotia, Canada and Wendy Hubenthal, MS, MA, LMHCA of Anacortes Washington.

Nancy Gershman at ADEC 2019, Atlanta.
Nancy Gershman presenting Dreamscaping at ADEC 2019, Atlanta