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Roy wanted his kids Michael and Heather to bear witness to a fantasy that Dadda, their grandfather kept secret for the longest time: to beat Bobby Fischer at a game of chess. The idea would be that Dadda and Grandma would watch the event unfold from the wall, inside a picture frame!  Roy would then give this legacy Dreamscape photomontage to his own dad on Father’s Day.

Because Roy owned a larger-than-life size check, he decided to also integrate this strange object into the story, as if the cash reward was what Dadda would take home from the chess match.  Roy writes:

“The more I look at the ‘Chessmaster’, the more  I love it.  I  see Fischer as a man deep in thought, trying with great difficulty  to accept defeat. It’s like he is locked in a quagmire and reality  is setting in.  Fischer’s confused facial expressions are exactly  expressing  the story I just wrote. Michael and Heather will be bragging to their “GREAT-GREAT GRANDCHILDREN”  about this masterpiece.”