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[Zindi's 13-year old son Corey and her brother Laz died in a fatal car accident]
Zindi has a "strong feeling" after their deaths that was soon validated by a medium who said that Corey and Zindi's mother-in-law Sandra "are in heaven, holding hands."  Of some comfort to Zindi was the coincidence that Corey "went and met Sandra when he was 13: the same age my husband was when he lost his mom here, on earth."

The prescriptive memory I created for Zindi's digital dreamscape becomes Corey and Laz enjoying themselves out on Lake San Vicente. Their special connection was always time out on the boat. In Zindi's own words:

"It's hard when you miss them physically. But when you know they're fine, that it's us who are grief-stricken, it's good to picture them happy. It's like sending your child to summer camp. When they go away, you miss them. At the same time you know they're having fun.

We'll go to camp too one day. I get a peaceful feeling that they're flying through the water, doing whatever they want to be doing."