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According to his wife, Albert Z knew the law from A to Z. He was a retired lawyer in probate and real estate from the early 1970's to the late 1990's. But his life long dream was to be a Judge. He ran 6 times and never won.

In this fantasy photo collage, we see Albert in full judge's regalia after he has argued the 2002 case of Gore vs. Bush before the Supreme Court, and won! His son had him pose with a gavel (although he had no idea why).  My job was to track down all of Albert's Supreme Court role models and appear to make them thrilled with Albert's "decision": (from left to right) William Douglas, Earl Warren,Felix Frankfurter and Hugo Black, to Benjamin Cardozo, William Howard Taft, Thurgood Marshall and Sandra Day O'Connor. 

Albert's reaction to his Father's Day photo gift?

"My son, he's a very smart guy to pick out the good judges, and put me in the middle as Chief Justice.  The gavel?  It shows after 57 years as a lawyer, and 5 times running for judge, finally I'm in charge."