Doris tells the story about her half sisters Myrtle and Myrtis:

"Myrtle and Myrtis were super close, like one person. They would know what each other is thinking. They would just bust up and laugh. Myrtis would say to Myrtle - let's take this serious, now! And Myrle would make Myrtis laugh.

When they were young they were a handful. We lived in different towns growing up. Georgia. When they would come see me, everybody would act like they're stars or something. They were identical twins. When they were together, they looked alike. The longer they stayed apart, the more they just didn't look alike anymore."

Butch, Myrtle's son, took his mom's death extremely hard. As though he was angry that his mother left him. And Myrtis knew that Myrtle would be concerned about Butch's happiness. Myrtis was especially worried about Butch going state to state, late at night, as a truck driver."

So this Healing Dreamscape was envisioned as Butch's guardian angel. I wanted to personalize the truck Butch was driving so that it would have special meaning for him. I asked Myrtis what her sister's favorite beer was. "Schlitz" was her answer. I put Butch in the driver seat. The sky is a full moon in broad daylight; the better to see by. The cloud formation feels like a wisp of an angel made from Cirrus clouds. The twins  are nudged together in the foreground, cheek to cheek, with Myrtis's arm protectively around Myrtle's shoulder. For their most recent reunion, Myrtle and Myrtis had dressed identically in the morning, thousands of miles away.

Butch talked with me a month later about his feelings when he saw this Healing Dreamscape for the first time:

"But this, you can't just look at it for a second. You end up looking at the picture for a long time. Five thousand pictures on my laptop don't require you to look at it for any length of time. But this; you look at the picture, then you look at each of the pictures in the picture, asking yourself: Where was this picture from? What was I doing now?  I wonder how Myrtis got this picture.  I know Myrtis has pictures of me ….

After you see it, it's like a movie you see the first time. Second time, you go back and see things you didn't see the first time. The more you look at it, the more you see. One of the things I was thinking, if I separate out the pictures, I'm driving the truck and thinking about Moms and Myrtis in the foreground. It looks like I'm thinking about them. With me, behind the glass in the background, a little foggy [laughs], Moms and Myrtis being up front, clearer - every aspect of it really brings something."