Jason's mom described her 13 year old son perfectly:

"Jason is known as the resident historian in school and also at his music school. He eats up anything to do with history. He won the National Geographic Geography Bee a few years ago at school. He will read anything to do with history and loves to visit historical places and museums. He is also is known as a musician at school and loves not only to play music, but to read about the history of music and knows the biographies of all musicians, especially rock musicians. He is a great stage performer like his idol Mick Jagger. He is always reading something somewhere about history and/or music."

Once I understood how much this young man had an old soul, I immediately went to work to find imagery that would be nostalgic for him. Two images I found came from hand tinted postcards: a 19th century view of Times Square and another of Mt. Rushmore. The third was the iconic photo of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road. The final concept we came up with was for Jason to cross Abbey Road with the Beatles. To create this illusion, I had Jason's mom take several pictures of Jason "walking" with arms swinging back and forth, as the Beatles do in the picture.

The final touch on Jason's dreamscape photo montage was to work in a symbol of Judaism into this barmitzvah invitation. I put a Mogen David (Star of David) from Prague onto the top of the tower in Times Square and then lit it with light for an extra dose of spirituality.