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Creating this photo keepsake of a luxury Caribbean cruise was a blast. In this custom photomontage made from multiple travel pics, there's hints of the Cabo landscape everywhere: a mountain here; a signpost there. For a comic note, I even have my client Linda paddling off into the ocean on a water bicycle.

But best of all, in addition to this gift of gratitude, Linda decided to give the hostess an additional present! Look carefully at the woman seated second from the left. I was able to graft a more attractive face from another photograph to put on the hostess's body. Now, that's what I call a gesture of true friendship!   

Was it a hit? Ask Linda:

"Jeff and Penny went ballistic; they absolutely loved the gift!! Penny looks great with her Cabo head -- much better than with sunglasses on. You're right; it fits like a glove. I like that the hotel sign is subtle and I like the fact than I'm pedaling towards it. What a wonderful way to have a remembrance of our trip... Thank you for being the perfect artist who just happened to make the perfect gift!"