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Soulmate Dreamscape photomontage for Rasha and Basel by digital artist Nancy Gershman

Imagine You & Your Valentine,Together As Little Kids

Soulmate Dreamscape photomontage for Rasha and Bassel by digital artist Nancy Gershman
Rasha and Bassel’s photomontage wedding announcement

Blow her mind this Valentine’s Day. Or his. Have me make you a custom, fine art photomontage from you and your sweetheart’s childhood photos. I call this amazing made-to-order photo gift a “Soulmate Dreamscape”.

STEP 1: This is the big idea. In this artistic photo collage, I will take two completely separate pictures of you and your girlfriend – when you were little – and make you look like you met as kids. To achieve this illusion, I first need you to think about the two of you as you are now. What are the biggest things you and your wife have in common? If you and your partner have a great sense of humor, we can even have more fun with our concept:

  • What games or sports do you both love to play? Or hate to play?
  • What relaxes you both? Or what scares the heck out of the two of you?
  • What sweet things are you always doing for each other? Or what vices do you indulge in?
Little Bassel and family

STEP 2: Collect pictures of you and your sweetheart as little kids, as relative in age as you can get them. The more the merrier because we have to find pictures of the two of you whose facial expressions match the story we’re going to tell in your Soulmate Dreamscape.

Little Rasha and a sibling

STEP 3: If you find lots of photographs but are not sure about the story you want to tell in your creative photo collage, let’s brainstorm together. (In fact, let’s do this after you’ve sent me your photos.) Most of my customers say they like having a professional digital artist take a look at the photographs beforehand because we’re trained to see how different photographic elements will combine together.)

Mail me your old pictures or have them scanned at an office supply store like Office Depot, OfficeMax or at a FedEx Kinkos. Then send them to me digitally to Once I receive your photographs, I’ll help you come up with the perfect scenario for this unique Valentine’s Day photo collage portrait.

STEP 4: I’ll digitally extract your kid bodies from your photos and place you and your darling into a brand new background that either you supply, or I suggest … and you approve.

STEP 5: If you like the idea of putting your kid faces on entirely new bodies that fit the story, I can do that too. As you can see in the examples of Rasha and Bassel seated before a magnificent pyramid, they specified that they wanted to be in wedding outfits and were very detailed about what they were looking for.  I will happily do all the necessary photo research to dig up a great outfit for you and your sweetheart.

Wedding Dreamscape for Ben and Dana by digital artist Nancy Gershman

Ben & Dana’s Wedding Gift created by digital artist Nancy Gershman
Little Dana

Little Ben

STEP 6: If you want to add a little extra magic to your digital photo montage, think about adding a 4th image. This could be something dynamic, like something you could be holding, or throwing into the air, or which could be hovering above your heads.

Something which has special meaning for your spouse and better half.